Collected Film Poetry

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This collection contains eleven extraordinary film poems from the master of the art, Tony Harrison, as well as a Foreword by the author and an Introduction by the film-maker Peter Symes.

'Harrison is the first master of a form he has made his own.' The Times

The Blasphemers' Banquet
'A defiant raspberry blown in the face of fundamentalism, whatever the religion.' Daily Telegraph

The Gaze of the Gorgon
'A stunning film poem, a brilliant work.' Sunday Times

Black Daisies for the Bride, winner of the Prix Italia, 1994
'This stunningly inventive work is so spellbindingly innovative that it defies description.' Irish Times

The Shadow of Hiroshima
'A new art form of extraordinary power and intensity in which the different metrical rhythms of image and verse are magically fused. It was rightly said of Dennis Potter that instead of writing for television he wrote television . Tony Harrison's work has the same kind of dramatic originality.' Observer

'A bold, adventurous film packed with striking visual images and forceful witty language . . . This is a gripping experience and, like much of Harrison's work, fuelled with controlled anger.' Observer

'An absorbing and brilliantly observed commentary on the state of Britain, which will have appeal far beyond the usual poetry-reading public.' Daily Telegraph




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