A Year without Apricots

A Year without Apricots

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This is Kate Foley's second collection. It shows the same qualities as Soft Engineering, but runs deeper, darker, stronger. If you enjoy a brilliant touch with imagery, a light exact way with words, and a whole basketful of unexpected perspectives, then don't miss A Year Without Apricots. You can't pin Foley down: she's not a one-theme poet. She will introduce you to the world of young mothers, talking about income tax beside a churchyard; to a Down's syndrome child rejoicing in music (and to her own reluctant emotional response, too). She writes finely about painters and paintings and buildings, about her own childhood and her parents, about people she sees in the street. She writes about birds, particularly, with a Hughes-like visual accuracy. And all the time the patient imaginative eye is telling you something you'd never have thought for yourself. The other 'I' is there nearly always to guide you; but this is a self-effacing poet. She uses herself as she use words, with delicacy and tact. Read these poems once, and enjoy them; read them twice and you won't forget them. U.A. Fanthorpe Kate Foley delves into ambivalent and frightening feelings, pinpoints different kinds of love. She records joy and a recognition of being 'earthed at last' as well as loss. A subtle and knowledgeable mind is at work here, one which creates series of images charged with extraordinary energy and makes surprising shifts in tone to travel a great distance in a short poem. This is writing that compels, excites, matters. Myra Schneider

In the best poems in her new collection Kate Foley has developed her strengths. Her language is candid, raw and sensuous as ever, but sparer. Many of these poems stop at precisely that moment when the reader's imagination leaps to complete the image, a satisfying experience even when the image is a bleak one. At her best syntax bypasses adjectives, holds back on explanation, leaving in the mind just the mystery of an atmosphere between people, or a thought to make us shiver. Gillian Clarke

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Auteur Foley, Kate
Uitgever Blackwater Press
Artikelsoort Poëzie
Taal Engels
Verkoopcategorie Uitverkoop
Datum laatste ontvangst 01-01-1999

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