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Taking Walt Whitman's Civil War poems as an inspiration, Rob Halpern's Music for Porn moves across the landscape of battlefields and homoerotic affect in an encompassing engagement of desire and death. Halpern work, constructed of poetry and lyric prose, evinces a world in which the physical and linguistic body are permeated by, and implicated in, the globalized maneuvers of modern warfare and capitalist endeavor.

Rob Halpern is the author of two books of poems, Rumored Place (2004), which was nominated for a California Book Award, and Disaster Suites (2009), as well as several chapbooks, including Weak Link (2009) and Imaginary Politics ( 2008). With Taylor Brady, he also co-authored the book length poem Snow Sensitive Skin (2007).

He teaches at Eastern Michigan University and lives in San Francisco and Ypsilanti, MI.

'... Bungling armed dilettante, a short-term capital management plan, value's been grafted to a soldier's stump, suffering in a limb where suffering will never take place. this is a picture of all the names gone missing. subject to forestalling, engrossing, and regrating, occupied in feeble possession...'   Music for porn, page 115





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Auteur Halpern, Rob
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