Eighteenth-Century Poetry

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The second edition of this popular anthology reveals the rich variety of poetry produced in the period 1700-1800. It is the new edition of this popular anthology of eighteenth-century poetry. It reveals the rich variety of poetry produced in this period. Traditionally prominent authors, such as Pope, Swift, Burns and Cowper, are represented alongside lesser-known writers, particularly women. For the second edition, the political and satirical content of the anthology has been strengthened with the inclusion of poems such as Charles Churchill's Night , Samuel Johnson's London and Swift's A Satirical Elegy on a Late Famous General . The revised edition includes material by two new women poets, Martha Sansom and Sarah Dixon. The editors continue to draw out interesting links between poems, and especially between male and female poets.


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Auteur Fairer, David/Gerrard, Christine
Uitgever Blackwell
Artikelsoort Bloemlezing
Taal Engels
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Datum laatste ontvangst 20-02-2007

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